Late Night Venting

Apparently, when you’re a new mommy, you spend most of your nights awake. My little bear isn’t even a newborn anymore and yet I still don’t have this sleeping thing down. Even worse, I go back to the real world (work) in a week and I’m not mentally prepared.

Thank gosh for writing. Everyone has their own things that calm them down. This is mine. Personal venting to strangers who read what I write while I try not to drown in my worries. Normal right?

Life is a tad scary. You want things to go right. You want people to know how you feel and do as their told so you can feel better about everything. You’re in mommy mode 24/7 basically.

Venting for the night complete.

Highway To The Start Line

We all start somewhere. The personal problem with me is that self motivation doesn’t come easy. I realized a couple years ago that I usually need a good push. Not entirely the best thing for someone who has a huge passion for something but apparently not enough to get the car going. So this is where my road begins.
Whats different this time? Expectations. I’m setting unrealistic goals but realistic enough to get it all started. I think about where other big writers are now. How did they get there? With a paper and a pencil. Simple as that. The not so simple part? What in the heck do I write about?
Writers tend to focus on one subject. And I can’t seem to get that down. Maybe I’m not meant for one main focus. And that doesn’t bother me. It gives me more open space.
We all have different plans in life. So like I said, we all start somewhere.